• Yoga Alliance Registered with Purna Yoga

  • Advanced yoga studies training with Donna Farhi

  • Kundalini yoga trained through the AmritNam Sarovar IKYTA

  • Meditation with Sunder Singh Khalsa

  • Conscious communication and Stress and Vitality with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

  • Trained as a Shakti Dance teacher with the founder Sara Avtar Olivier

  • Trained with Bliss baby yoga

  • Studied in Bio mechanics with Vincent Bolletta

  • Studied Anatomy with Maria Kristin

  • Qualified Reflexologist and Indian head masseur with ITEC and VTCT in the UK

  • NLP and Psych-K facilitator

Arvinderfee is an inspirational Yogi who holds a wealth of knowledge across different types of yoga as well as studying reflexology, NLP, dance, anatomy and biomechanics.

This breadth of study gives her a balanced approach to her teaching. She has witnessed the transformational power of yoga for people from all walks of life and across every level of expertise.

“Inclusion is key. It’s essential to me that every participant is able to access and incorporate the learning in ways that will work for them.”

As a yoga teacher, Arvinderfee has a powerful voice that soothes and enlightens while sharing a compassionate respect for all and a great sense of fun.

Her approach is to create a safe space where people can extend and challenge themselves within their own tolerances to gain a real sense of achievement, peace and resilience.

“I want people to say, ‘that felt good’. For some it’s spiritual, for others it’s physical and for many of us; the emphasis shifts from session to session or day to day.”

Arvinderfee offers beginner yoga classes through to general classes ensuring there’s a class for you within your capability and comfort zone.

With her expert guidance, you can start to unlock both your range of movement and your peace of mind. Her goal is for you to delight in the experience and unleashes the power of yoga to support you to live your life.

“There’s deep stuff that sits behind a yoga practice but understanding all of that isn’t for everyone. My role is to teach and guide and I’m lucky enough to see that transformation as people experience it in their own different ways. That’s why I do what I do. I love it. I think you will too.”

“I was in LA and started doing Kundalini Yoga classes. It is powerful stuff and a great workout.  I also went to Auckland with Arvinderfee she’s great too.”

HANNAH BANKS (TOLICH), Actress - stared in Mapotazzi Production, Jacquie Brown Diaries and as Nurse Jesse George in Shortland Street

Teachers at the Albany Yoga Room maintain a strong emphasis on the careful alignment of the body.