Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga

In Vinyasa Flow yoga, the movement is coordinated with breath to flow from one asana (pose) to another. We currently teach this within our Yang series and within some Hatha classes as a warming solution to help build heat in the body and prepare it for deeper poses.

There is no set sequence but rather the sequences are designed by the teacher at a level for her students to be challenged but not compromised. The flows could be working towards a particular peak pose, emphasising a point of yogic philosophy or a really slow, mindful, stretch sequence.

The classes are suitable for all as there are modifications given and props used so that students can find their ‘stirs sukkham’ – their point of steadiness and ease.

The journey that Vinyasa Flow takes you on will leave you refreshed and energised, with more clarity and peace of mind.

“I’ve spent plenty of time at the gym over the years. While there, I have treated my body almost as the enemy, trying to beat it into submission and make it look a particular way. My time doing yoga could not be more different. Here at The Albany Yoga Room, my body is at last my friend. It seems that as I stretch my body I also stretch my mind’s capacity to appreciate my own body – what it can do and how it looks. Yoga is perfect for anyone who has battled against their body but has now come to a point in their life where it’s time to make a new friend!”


Teachers at the Albany Yoga Room maintain a strong emphasis on the careful alignment of the body.