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Treatment of the body through massage of the feet, Reflexology uses reflex points on the tops soles and sides to connect to different areas of the body. A reflexologist sees the feet as a map of body parts. By adding a particular technique to manipulate the reflex points, a reflexologist can improve a persons wellbeing and help restore their balance and well-being.

At Albany Yoga Room we have a few reflexologists who work to create a regular service when needed.

How does that benefit you?

After an initial consultation, finding out through questions about your personal health and lifestyle choices to make sure you can benefit from it. The treatment itself is done by removing your shoes and socks and applying balm to make the experience free-flowing.

This treatment lasts around about 45 minutes to an hour, however, sometimes a quicker one is more appropriate. All of this will be discussed in your initial consult before beginning and at the end, an opportunity arises for more treatments to help you further.

Our teachers are having training in Indian Head Massage, book a place today.

First session $120 follow up set of three $300

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Teachers at the Albany Yoga Room maintain a strong emphasis on the careful alignment of the body.