Layers of being five kosha

In Eastern philosophy, the koshas are considered the energetic layers of your body that surround your soul.

Did you know we have five layers to our being, known as our Koshas?

The layers of being become more refined the more we explore them. This knowledge helps us to enrich our quality of yoga as we move through these layers.

First our Physical body, the system of diet, rest, movement and body awareness. If we pay attention to asana (physical practice or seat of yoga) we learn to become aware of what’s needed to improve to promote better health.

This layer is called Annamaya Kosha

Second is our Energy body which connects us to the fresh modalities of nature and air, through pranayama. We connect to the pulse of the heart and the expansion of our lungs. Within this layer, is the force that orchestrates your life from the first impulse to action. In yoga, we use the breath to direct the energy body.

This layer is called Pranamaya Kosha

Third is the Emotional body which connects us to our harmony and the environment around us. It is your brain and your thoughts that pay attention to sensory input and make us generate mental chatter and fires us to make decisions. We refine this daily in life but it is in meditation we understand that we need space to make good changes.

This layer is called the Manomaya Kosha

Four is the Wisdom body which connects us to our gut feelings and ourself study. This awareness is what recognizes it is good to get out instead of lazing around, its purpose is to support our knowledge to attend a yoga class and share life experiences.

This layer is called the Vijnanamaya Kosha

Last is the Bliss body this focus is found in the heart and keeps us breathing and living smoothly. Buried in the awareness of this layer is the knowledge of the purest happiness. Not euphoria or emotion but a perfect contentment that is in our stillness. No lack or fear lives here.

This layer is called Anandamaya Kosha