How are things going in 2024?

Are you enjoying being in a new year? Have you got goals in mind? Do you notice what is going well? How much are you chasing things, getting them to work in your way, or wanting things to be easier?

After finding that I could motivate myself. Still, life got in the way of what I wanted. I noticed how important it was to listen. I came back to yoga and different forms of meditation to support these questions.

Do you have trouble with motivation or concentration? Finding time to check in to steer life in another direction. Do questions come up like, what’s going well? Setting great goals that speak to you personally and staying motivated. Now we are a month into 2024 does motivation last? Some people think nothing goes forever and everything runs its course. That’s not true. I don’t believe we lose motivation. We need to reset ourselves so things are fine. We can arrive at a moment with no energy, and then a call from a friend or a neighbour out in their garden can be just that bubble needed. As it appears our motivation to get going is there.

Three tips I want to share with you today:

1) Your physiology dictates your feelings. So any slump you are in can be shifted by making a physical step towards doing something. To make a longer-lasting difference, we get up and do it, even when we don’t feel like it. Physically move and go where we are invited.

2) Focus fuels your fire. Without direction and a clear intention, your mind will run around and not support you. Take time to make yourself clear. Learn meditation. Most people believe meditation is about having no thought. What happens in my experience is meditation has more than one value. Learning and preparing in meditation is taking time to let your thoughts run and not ruminate on everyone without noticing. This can protect us from negative thinking.

3) Be spiritual. You may have a religious practice or spiritual practice or you may not. However, most of us are aware of our energy and its deeper value. In this, we recognise that our role in life has a greater value than what we do every day. Take time to explore this connection in your own way.

I want to introduce Yoga from the Kundalini tradition to you. I am sharing an evening to focus your physical body within movement and explore a couple of meditation techniques. One with sound and one with movement. Only an hour and $10 needed. You can call me if you need financial support to try this evening. Why? Because working on this style of yoga with another can be enhancing.


021 271 1401

Date Wednesday 31st January 7.15 – 8.15 pm