Kundalini yoga & the gong.

True Yoga?

Kundalini yoga

It is said that the true practice of yoga brings together body, mind and spirit. Through my personal practice of Kundalini Yoga this has been my experience.

It is my privilege to be able to guide Kundalini Yoga practice for others, giving me the opportunity to give back in some small measure for all that I have received through my own practice. Available to everyone with no previous yoga experience necessary. In Kundalini we are not striving for anything, our intention is to develop our self-presence and awareness. 

Kundalini is said to be the energy coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini yoga uses chanting, physical movements, gong relaxation and specific breathing patterns to move the Kundalini energy through the body. 

The bliss that can result from Kundalini yoga practice comes from a very real increase in your frequency, improved oxygenation, and better flow to your nervous system, aiding your body with the secretion of feel-good hormones which are released into your bloodstream.

Having tried many forms of exercise over the years I have found in Kundalini Yoga a practice that to me has delivered on the promises made. There is even science-backed evidence of the benefits received when you practice Kundalini Yoga. Research has shown, Kundalini Yoga will assist to ease stress and anxiety, improve cognitive functioning, and boost self-perception and self-appreciation.

Life changing for me personally. May you be inspired to join us for movement of your Kundalini energy and a deep relaxation through the sound of the gong.

May peace be with you, Donna