There is a lot of talk about staying safe and keeping away from Covid but have you thought about the overall stats that are worrying us at this time? If you are concerned about Covid you should see how it compares to heart disease.

Rank Cause Estimated Deaths Since the Start of 2020

Estimated Percent of All Deaths Since the Start of 2020

Estimated Deaths per 100,000

1 Ischemic heart disease 15,220,000 15.4% 196.7

2 Stroke 10,920,000 11.1% 141.1

3 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5,465,000 5.5% 70.6

4 COVID-19 4,550,000 4.6% 58.8

5 Lower respiratory infections 4,150,000 4.2% 53.7

Wouldn’t it be great to concentrate on how we improve our health by building a healthy lifestyle? 

As yoga lessen your stress level while producing good feedback on your health levels and the combinations of movement, strength and mindfulness help minimise heart problems we could up our levels of yoga per week. If we can not make a class very often can we add a few more salutes to the sun at home? For the cardio effects, they produce and emphasize our time spent creating a balance of strength, tone and meditation to improve our overall health.

Scientists are now learning the mechanisms behind how yoga lowers stress. taken from John Hopkins If we continue to take on the stress of our situations and increase cortisol we may damage our blood vessels. Elevated blood pressure will continue to put pressure on our hearts.

Research has shown that people who practice yoga regularly have low cortisol levels.

5 best yoga poses for a healthy heart

  • Utthita Trikonasana or Extended triangle pose. … 
  • Paschimottanasana or Seated forward bend pose. … 
  • Ardha matsyendrasana or Half spinal twist pose. … 
  • Gomukhasana or Cow face pose. … 
  • Setu Bandhasana or Bridge pose….

“As I write in the April issue of the Harvard Heart Letter, the studies in the review looked at different types of yoga, including both gentler and more energetic forms. The participants ranged from young, healthy individuals to older people with health conditions. Overall, people who took yoga classes saw improvements in a number of factors that affect heart disease risk. They lost an average of five pounds, shaved five points off their blood pressure, and lowered their levels of harmful LDL cholesterol by 12 points”.

Dr Gloria Yeh, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School