We have some good news, we are staying at William Pickering Drive for the coming Winter.  This will change our timetable and also lend us to being open to hiring out the space. So do keep an eye on our notice board as more exciting music, meditation and groups arrive to enliven the experience for you.

To support this we are consolidating our offerings and will only offer one pass a five class pass for everyone.  Drop in prices will stay the same and our five class pass will expire on the sixth week* from the date of purchase.
Five class passes are now $98 and our senior/student passes are $83.

We hope you appreciate the fact that we all love being in a warm fully equipped studio and that it has been a close decision on whether to go into halls or stay in William Pickering Drive to keep our community together.

Thank you all for your loyalty to AYR.

*We will automatically extend expiry dates for passes that are effected by holidays. For more enquires message fee@albanyyoga.co.nz