Today, I am this young

30, 40, 50, 60, 70 & 80

On any of theses upcoming events we might worry that we are getting old. However have you ever thought, TODAY I am younger then I will ever be. There might have been a time when getting older was time to take it easy, when life events got in the way of our health. Thank goodness those times for men and women have gone and instead we are still preparing ourselves for a longer more active life. Ask our students they don’t let life get in the way of their yoga. However old you are today just think, today I am going to enjoy my health. (ps Onewa my malamute would rather I went for a walk, great two things to keep me active today).

Over 50’s

These session of yoga are held at a slow and gentle pace where you will be surrounded by like minded and maybe similar body types. No shiny lycra outfits and 20-somethings showing what they can do. When we are looking to regain our energy and remain active this form of yoga offers us relief from back pain, headaches in just a few classes. WE embrace making yoga assessable here at Albany Yoga Room and find some of our most dedicated students are our more mature one.

This course is held on a monthly basis and limits the number of students per class. So we request you book it one month at a time. You are welcome to join in late and we’ll adjust accordingly ie $17 instead $15 when a course is paid in full.

1.30- 2.45pm

$17 drop in

$75 5wk course