We must work together as a community and support one another over the coming weeks. It is unfortunate that seasonal changes often bring around colds and viruses outside of the COVID- 19 but as a precaution please stay away from classes if you’re sick.

Do you have a sore throat, breathing difficulty or temperature? (for medical advice please scroll down for Healthline advice). Please stay at home.

  1. We can send you some Restorative yoga poses to do at home and you may request a private yoga class by zoom with Arvinderfee
  2. During this time we will apply leniency on class passes and can extend those to you if you make contact to let us know

Until Easter, we will create drop-in places on a Sunday and to the Tuesday night restorative yoga course. Please check our timetable online more regularly to keep up to date of class and course situations.

email – fee@albanyyoga.co.nz

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We are taking precautions:

  1. We are routinely spraying all touched surfaces, so students sharing equipment and surfaces have a safe space
  2. If you have a yoga mat, eye pillow and drinking bottle please bring them with you.

We have yoga mats and eye pillows for sale and have discounted them to help you.

Quote “YogaEquip” at a 10% discount

We ask that you take a different approach to someone wearing a protective medical mask as this doesn’t mean they are sick.

I read this today and love it. “In Buddhism, we regularly take time out of society to meditate, read, go for walks, be silent, be alone, and we do this in groups, too. We call it “retreat.” Our world needs a retreat now, anyways. We need to slow down.

Read that book. Talk, and listen, with loved ones. Our flights all around the world are killing our world. Our clicking casually to buy things on Amazon, filling container ships, is killing our world and sapping our local communities. Keep supporting your local communities, now, more than ever.

Stay safe. Wash your hands, cover your mouth. Meditate for a few minutes each morning.”

At the moment the timing for our retreat evening is not appropriate, so we are postponing the night and will bring it back as soon as we can. We are still keen on the idea of retreat alongside an opportunity to share the beautiful people of Bali. We have a plan to offer a really special 5 star experience with you. If you are still keen to do a retreat with me let’s chat as we might hold this wish in another way if that is more beneficial.  

Meanwhile remember this is today, next week it could be different, so let’s keep a positive outlook, use this time to look out for each other and remember that it’s in times like these that support and community are very important. Help where you can and keep healthy for others as much as yourself. 

Luckily yoga helps our immune system and I will be sharing some tips with you over the coming weeks.
Ways to boost health and support your immune system
  1. Sleep a regular amount of hours
  2. Eat more garlic and eat to nourish
  3. Drink turmeric, lemon, ginger and honey, with warm water
  4. Keep your exercise up, continue regular yoga session, walk more, take the stairs or dance like no one is watching
  5. Enjoy herbs and spices
  6. Soak up the sun
  7. Don’t panic, breath, learn about breathing techniques 
  8. Inspire others to be calm. It will help you too. Stress depletes your immune system
  9. Practise good hygiene 
  10. Your sense of humour and enjoyment of life are winning tools. Have you seen the Italians singing and dancing on balconies with each other?
Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contact your GP, including phoning ahead of your visit.
For COVID-19 health advice and information, contact the Healthline team (for free) on 0800 358 5453 or +64 9 358 5453 for international SIMS.