We are what we eat and what we do.

Winter Wellness edition – from Milly

Keeping well as the seasons’ change can be a challenge.

A few, tips to keep immunity and vitality high through the cooler months.

Staying nourished through what we eat is so important. An easy way to stay nourished in winter is to dig out the slow cooker!

Add your starchy vegetables such as kumara, pumpkin, potatoes, a carrot then onion, garlic and herbs. Protein, whether it’s chicken or beef. Grab a traditional soup mix which contains nutrient-filled legumes, grains and stock. If you’re vegetarian, add extra lentils, and chickpeas into the pot or tofu at the end. Pour boiling water over and leave to cook during the day whilst at work or overnight for a hearty lunch the next day!

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables to help boost vitamin levels. Supplementing through good quality vitamins, or superfood powders such as spirulina, acai and moringa. Found at most health food stores.

Stay hydrated. In summer we may feel more like drinking water naturally. Make sure to carry a bottle during the day or boil the kettle, add lemon, fresh ginger or herbs into a teapot or mug and let it cool down to drinking temperature. Sip regularly outside of meals.

Find, more time to move the body. Whether going for a walk, gym, yoga or maybe even dancing around the house! Staying active will help keep you warm and healthy.

Often winter can feel isolating, as the days are shorter and less, me for socialising. It’s important to stay connected. Coming to yoga classes can help keep that sense of community alive.

Yoga is important for balancing holistic wellness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Pranayama helps to balance the nervous system, helping us to relax and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is our rest and digest system. When we are in our sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight producing cortisol and adrenaline for too long, we can risk going into fatigue and disease.

Maintaining joint flexibility through asana practice. Finding the edges of our range of motion to maintain good joint health and mobility keeps us feeling able-bodied.

Connecting with a positive intention or Sankalpa can keep spirits up during the winter. Reflect on a word or short statement that invokes a feeling one would like to experience more of, to improve spiritual vitality.

Adequate rest is vital to well-being. The hours of sleep before midnight are the most crucial to feeling well-rested. Switching off devices and taking, me to do something relaxing before bed can help.

Come and share a yoga practice with us to stay balanced, and connected and boost vitality through the winter months.