12 days of Christmas

Do you set intentions for the new year?

Each year we take time out to reset our batteries. 2021 has been a year like no other and I guess a lot of us are looking forward to some fresh starts next year. 

Over this holiday it would be good to revisit your intentions and know what you want. Start small and recognize challenges that will come up without too much judgement.

Don’t despair when it comes to getting to the peak of your goals or losing your way. Perseverance is key and boosting your willpower to keep coming back might be as simple as setting yourself up for success. A combination of strength, courage and self-compassion are needed to overcome challenges and as a famous yogi said “get going and you will be there”

For those of you looking for inspiration over the next twelve days, let’s keep it simple.

Start by observing one small thing from your yoga practice each day. 

  1. Find a comfortable asana (seat) and sit for a while (increase your potency when you get going again).
  2. Breathing practice from classes (change the mood and temperature).
  3. Observe one of the Niyamas or Yamas of yoga (non-violent nature, truthfulness, non-stealing, the right use of the energy, and no greediness).
  4. Seated side bend (so good for digestion).
  5. Mudra (hand gesture with an intention of what it means to you).
  6. Use what’s around you to increase your range of motion.
  7. Reach for height in your poses (quite literally lifts your mood and ability to do more).
  8. Aim for bigger poses (eka pada rajakapatasana – not easy to say or do however you could work your way towards king pigeon).
  9. Find your props and set up for a savasana (deep relaxing pose create peace and quiet (silence is good to reset your inner landscape).
  10. Back bending into Up dog or Cobra (you’re only as young as you feel so keep that spine supple).
  11. Holding a pose longer! Some poses are energizing and some are stabilizing if you’ve been travelling you might like to see how they fine-tune your wholeheartedness towards your plans.
  12. A sequence of flowing poses will set you up for a fun-filled summer by helping you relieve tension or soreness in muscles found during less common activities such as paddling, swimming or family games and camping trips. 

In the twelve days make sure whatever you chose has also provided you with a lot of fun. Drop regularly into your heart and discover compassion to help you settle your awareness. Start by taking a few moments to dwell on the loving energy that you have for others and take time to direct it towards yourself. Now go out and enjoy your Holiday.
Namaste – Arvinderfee