Our homes are powerful, sacred spaces. They are extensions of our heart. Within our homes, we hold everything we love.  We hold our families and our animals. The walls of our homes protect ourselves and our children from the elements. A home offers us a private space to express who we are, both in how we behave and with what we surround ourselves. We hold memories that are precious to us in the form of photographs and trinkets, symbols for a loving space within us that holds moments in time where our hearts were open and happy.

When our homes are cluttered or dirty, it may be a sign that we’re not letting love fully express through our hearts. We may hold on to “stuff” because we fear the absence of prosperity or love. If our homes are unclean, perhaps it is a sign that we don’t spend enough time purifying the space within ourselves. Too often, we build walls around our hearts to protect them from being hurt. We think that the only way to keep ourselves safe is to armor up and anticipate threats.

It isn’t true. Opening the heart and letting love flow is our natural state of being. If we are hurt then feeling the hurt is what will liberate us from it. We feel it and then it passes. By being open to Love, the flow of Love can protect the Love within us.  The same is true for our homes.

The mantra Satigur Kar Deenai, written by Guru Arjan, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs, is  an invocation of Love into the home. It is spoken as an affirmative prayer, as if we know this protection has already come to pass, which makes it especially potent. The force of the Universe rushes in to support you. by Dr Ramdesh Spirit Voyage (place for mantra music and support).

Mantra for Protecting Your Home: Satigur Kar Deenai

Satigur kar deenai asthir ghar baar
Jo jo nind karai in grihan kee
Tis aagai hee maarai kartaar
Satigur kar deenai asthir ghar baar
Nanak daas taa kee saranaa-ee
Jaa ko shabad akhand apaar


The Guru has protected our homes
He who slanders these homes
Is predestined, by the Creator-Lord, to be defeated
The Guru has protected our homes
Nanak seeks but the refuge of that Lord
Whose word is Infinite and Eternal

Recite, chant, or listen to this mantra until you feel a sense of peace!

Jai-Jagdeesh’s album I Am Thine has an incredible version of this mantra infused with these sweet English lyrics:

“Angel Divine, Angel of mine
This humble prayer I offer at your feet
Keep this home safe and warm
All through the night
Hold your beloved children tight
All through the night, all through the night.”