shakti mandala

Shakti Dance The yoga of Dance


Shakti Dance® is the ‘yoga of dance’ – A harmonious blend of Flowing Yoga Stretches, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance Meditation, Relaxation, and Synchronised Mantra with Movement.

Connect to a space of Inner Peace; Reduce Stress; Liberate your Body and Mind in Free Expression of the Self!

It flows through 8 phaSHAKTIses:

  1. Tuning In to the inner teacher
  2. Shakti Stretching (flowing yoga stretches/asanas to warm-up and connect with our energetic system)
  3. Standing Exercises (energy charging repetitive dance steps)
  4. Free Dance
  5. Meditation
  6. Relaxation,
  7. Celestial Communication (mantras ~ positive affirmations with arm movements),
  8. Meditation and Closing

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