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A  Mothers Invitation

At this miraculous time in your life, you are going through an incredible transformation. As magical Māmā you are being invited to reinvent yourself. This reinvention is a shedding of the old thoughts and habits that no longer serve. Being open to the changes that are occurring physically, mentally and emotionally.

You are being invited to reconnect with your beautiful body that is creating a NEW LIFE! Connecting to your body as it prepares to grow, nurture and birth a new soul earthside. And again, connecting to this powerful body that birthed a baby and continues to nurture and take care of this precious new baby’s needs.

This is an invitation to meet a new metamorphosed version of yourself, to connect to Her tender heart and nurture the ebb and flow of emotions and hormones.

To embrace her battle wounds and stand tall as the Sovereign Queen you are.

An invitation to connect with the brand new soul of your Baby, wonder at the potential and the wisdom this soul brings from the infinite universe.

An invitation to connect on a deeper level to your beloved ones. Look at them through wise Mother eyes. And see how the shape of their life fits with the shape of your new Mother life.

This is an invitation to connect to breath in the hard places. When the wild ride of childbirth takes your breath away, reign it back in and use it to gallop to victory.

When Baby’s wail breaks your heart into a million pieces – hold on –  take a breath, and another, and another. For the best is to come.

This is an invitation to hold space for your Baby, as this sacred time is so very short, yet can feel like forever… Breathe.

You are not alone, this is an invitation to join your Sisters in Motherhood, for we are stronger together. We live, learn and love collectively.

This is an invitation from my open heart to yours

All my love


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