The body attempts to slough off toxic build up with colds instead of illness. Look to spring clean your body a little. Passing lots of warm fluids and washing the nasal passages in the shower if your not a fan of net pots (nasal washing system). Try Eucalyptus after.

Nows a great time to try a new diet for 2-4 days – lots of fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated. A yogic diet is also naturally free or contains low amounts of sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol which will effect our immune system.

For your yoga practice try:
Upper back bends and chest opening to activate the immune system by working on the thymus gland. Try Boat, Cobra, Bow, Pigeon, Bridge and Fish. To increase the circulation of the lymphatic system. Try inversions: Shoulder Stand, Headstand, Forward Bends and Down Dog. To improve the flow of lymph and immune cells through the body also try twists and hip openers for the spleen and the lymph nodes in groin and armpits. Try twists such as: Seated twist, Prayer twist and Bound angle hip openers.