Serotonin keeps you in a happy state every day.

Camel pose - Ustrasana

Open the body for more joy.

So much more than the happy hormones. Serotonin transmits messages between nerve cells.

The human body is so efficient it’s not surprising that serotonin has multiple roles.

  1. mood stabilizer
  2. cognition
  3. reward the feeling of reward
  4. memory & learning
  5. it can stimulate the body to clear or purge itself
  6. it helps heal wounds 
  7. it reduces depression
  8. it reduces anxiety
  9. it’s really good for your bone health 
  10. it’s also going to affect your biorhythms (your sleep and wake cycles).

One of the healthiest ways to produce greater pathways for these amazing chemicals is to reduce stress and increase exercise. Start slowly and see how you feel. Be honest with yourself about your abilities. Get plenty of sunlight and make sure it improves your life. 

Look to yoga classes. If you are feeling down, try yoga poses to send dopamine and serotonin flooding into your body. When you are done, you will feel better, your body will be lighter and more limber, and you will have an overall, better outlook on the day.

Try Breath work

First, place your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Raise the arms over the head and breathe slowly and steadily through the nose. You can swing the arms to the side while continuing to breathe. 

Bending the legs and coming forward while exhaling through the mouth. Slowly raise back to standing similar or in addition to Surya namaskar (salutes to the sun).

Try the Camel Pose

Knees hip-width apart while kneeling press down with your shins. Use the hands on the lower back before leaning back while looking forward. The hips move forward. For a deeper camel take one hand and place it on the heel of the same side foot while taking the opposite arm and lift it overhead. For the full camel pose you can start to reach back and resting both hands on the heels. You can place a thin block between the legs to support the back bend.

Studies from the National library of medicine.

Random control shows GABA level The yoga subjects (n = 19) reported greater improvement in mood and greater decreases in anxiety than the walking group (n = 15). There were positive correlations between improved mood and decreased anxiety and thalamic GABA levels. The yoga group had positive correlations between changes in mood scales and changes in GABA levels. 

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