Matariki magic

Matariki magic

It was so wonderful to share our second New year as NZ heralds new beginnings and fresh starts.

Our teachers really embraced the new year and I was lucky to attend a class.

This special time of year Matariki is such a good time to build new habits and also to celebrate and connect with our ancestors through the power of star gazing. What ever you chose to do for this season of Matariki, I thought I would acknowledge the wonderful feedback we received from many of our attending students by sharing two of our testimonials.

Hayley’s Matariki class

Thank you AYR and Hayley Roberts for offering the Iyengar class last Friday. It meant a lot of to me to honour Matariki and my yoga practice by coming along. The good attendance and energy in the class showed others must have felt the same way! I liked how Hayley talked about the seven stars. My 14 year old granddaughter came with me for her first experience of yoga. “How are you?” I asked afterwards.  “I feel… relaxed. I loved it!”



Anne’s Matariki class


Over Matariki we had a really beautiful yoga class with a stand in teacher called Anne.

The class was a perfect combination of great stretching and de–stressing or ‘grounding’ as Anne called it.
We started off with some breathing exercises which are always calming and gradually made our way from floor yoga to standing yoga.  Finishing with a guided savasana.
As a class we all benefited from Anne’s gentle but confident approach to guiding us through our practice.
The sun was shining (dare I say it!) and the weather was quite mild – just a lovely way to start Saturday morning.
It’s always a bit of a challenge getting to class on time on a Saturday, as the tendency to sleep in on the weekend is greater but my goodness it was so worth making the effort.