Thank you Savvy for your testimonial and write up in Chi (a yummy drink with no sweetness).


When I woke up this morning at 6:30am? I would NEVER have pictured myself forming a shoulder-stand by ten o’clock that very same morning.

Today I was venturing to Albany Yoga Room which has a fabulous website full of information on their many classes, disciplines, teachers, philosophy and why you should do Yoga …

On arrival the teacher was entirely warm, inviting and accommodating as the class was full of regulars and I obviously wasn’t one. She asked if I had any trouble spots she needed to be aware of and I enlightened her to the fact I have had an ankle fusion in my right ankle and compensatory issues in my hip. She took this all in her stride and throughout the entire class made comments directly to me with regard to pose adjustments for my physical ‘issues’… all on a first name basis, all personal and very yummy.

To set up for the lesson? I was literally shown the ropes to get to grips with what was required as there are a plethora of props involved; wooden blocks, bolsters (big oblong cushions), ropes hanging off the wall to pull yourself up and down on, blankets, straps and (one of my favourites) ‘eye bags’… mmmmmm….. (that’s for the floppy meditation bliss at the end).

We started ever so gently, subtly and calmly…

Throughout the lesson she made it known that no two classes are ever the same and that she is well known for ‘mixing it up a bit’. Obviously that’s why the class was pretty full, it’s kept fresh! She also kept offering alternative movements to either take the stretch a little further or to pull back to a more comfortable level.

Over the next 90 mins we worked up and up into the crescendo of my aforementioned shoulder stand…



Savvy x