Often we hear that something is good for you and at the same time it’s bad for you? What should we believe? In fact the body responds well to a small amount of stress or toxic load. To much and we become sick or to little and we become weak. Our Hormesis is the toxicology and physiology, so that a small amount of something is strengthening and yet too much is toxic. That is why you hear of people who have no physical or mental stimulation, or challenge in their life as being weak. By challenging the body to small non harmful stresses it responds by becoming stronger. Yoga and kria work (form Kundalini yoga) are some of the ways we can make changes. Other approaches are challenging our nerves, making social connections, changing our emotional stance, prayer, merging with stillness, soothing mantras, breath work and physical challenge, especially one off ones with a faster paced rhythm.

The classic poke and provoke is used in kundalini yoga to strengthen our systems, it is very good at helping us to face small stressors by creating self imposed challenges and building our ability to be more vital.

If we are stronger and fitter we can control our efforts, promote our ability to give up our bad habits and our negative talk. We do require rest, however we also need challenges to strengthen our parasympathetic nervous system. When sympathetic nervous system is activated the parasympathetic nervous system will reposed to create balance. What allows this to work is a voluntary and mindful approach to accepting and maintaining control. For example a fast ride on a roller coaster can be a thrill and not a stress.

To learn more about your stressor and to find out about distress/allostatic load to eustress/allostasis, you might like to join us for a workshop. Email me for more details

Alternatively join us for Kundalini yoga during our build up to Christmas 2016, to build your self up before the Holiday rush, by coming along Tuesday nights 7-8.15pm. That evening follows after our 5.45pm class,with a meditation shared between the two classes,and then progresses into kriiya relaxation and more meditation.