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It’s never to late to start to improve your health

What is flexibility? An easy mobile and elastic range of motion is the unrestricted and pain-free motion of joints and surrounding tissues. Not everyone has the same capacity, but everyone is affected by the lack of stretching and this can create the shortening of muscles and soft tissue which leads to [...]

It’s never to late to start to improve your health2023-01-11T16:14:06+12:00

Sound and movement

True Yoga? Kundalini yoga It is said that the true practice of yoga brings together body, mind and spirit. Through my personal practice of Kundalini Yoga this has been my experience. It is my privilege to be able to guide Kundalini Yoga practice for others, giving me the opportunity to give [...]

Sound and movement2022-09-08T14:36:05+12:00

A view in Ayurveda to create balance through yoga poses.

Are YOU? Good with routines, very productive or find it easy to get new ideas? Maybe your balance in life comes from having a predominant type of Dosha. Ayurveda has 3 personality types that are affected by the seasons and things around us. Vata (movement & space) Pitta (transforming energy) Kapha [...]

A view in Ayurveda to create balance through yoga poses.2022-06-23T21:42:53+12:00

Poses to help the immune system

Sneeze free One thing we don't need right now is an allergy but a lot of us do suffer seasonal sneezes. So what can we do about this? Did you know that seasonal allergies are over vigilant immune systems? That once again our stress levels can exacerbate these symptoms? Did you [...]

Poses to help the immune system2022-03-10T15:28:39+12:00


Pawanmuktasana Pawanmuktasana Series Wessel and I have been on quite a journey during this lockdown, with Wessel having neck surgery due to a herniated disk,  tying him down to the couch for 5 months, not being able to teach yoga or do easy exercises. And I on the other hand have [...]

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